Retreat in Sri Lanka: Yoga and Surfing

with Regina Rainskaya


Sri Lanka, Arugam bay

    Yoga is an aspiring practice! What is the goal of this practice? Harmony, calmness, wisdom, inner peace with the highest spiritual aim – Moksha or Samadhi. It’s a long way, one should be patient, tolerant and confident as if one is on the board surfing.

    Our life is like an Ocean. It’s a flow of time and space. Catch your wave, stay here and now. That’s what yoga teaches us. That’s what we intend to achieve during our retreat.

    So join us in practicing yoga and surfing - catch your wave!

    We will have 14 days of practice.

    First 7 of them – is a tour around the most interesting places of Sri Lanka. The last 7 days – complete dive into yoga theory and practice in the area of the Safa Surf Camp, Arugam bay. Additionally, we will have surfing lessons with experienced instructors.


The tour around Sri Lanka includes

  1. Negombo (the first and the last day)
  2. Cultural capital Kandy (2 days)
  3. Dammbula, Sigiria
  4. Ella (2 days)
  5. National Park Yalla(1 day)
  6. Arugam bay (7 days)


Yoga Retreat program

     We want to share with you our own experience of yoga lifestyle. You will have a chance to taste the true freedom.

    Our daily schedule is the following:

  1. Vipassana Meditation twice per day,
  2. Hatha-yoga (asanas and pranayama),
  3. Surfing at sunrise (!),
  4. Lectures on philosophy, yoga therapy, eco lifestyle.


    Yoga super star, Regina Rainskaya, PhD in philosophy, will lead this retreat. Artist and writer, she has more than 12 years of experience in hatha-yoga, and more than 18 years in meditation practice.

    Her first teacher was an unknown old man Y.N. from a small town in Ukraine. He inspired her to practice daily and vigorously, taught her to believe in herself. Now she continues sharing her experience and knowledge with her students.

   Later on she studied yoga in Swami Shivananda ashram (Rishikesh). Among her teachers are Ravinder Jangra, Shailendra Negi, Shibendu Lahiri, Swami Nirmalananda, Alex Lebedev.

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5:00-6:00 – vipassana meditation

7:00-9:00 – lesson of surfing

10:00 – breakfast

12:00 -14:00 – lesson of Yoga (asana and pranayama)

15:00 - lunch

16:00 – theory of Yoga teaching (Yoga-theraphy)


21:00 – vipassana meditation


Yoga-tour: 1200 $

(includes – tour around Sri Lanka (7 days), yoga-retreat (7 days), lessons of surfing (7 days), accommodation, transport, entrance tickets, guide, accompany, organization)

Plain tickets, visa and provisions (food) are on you.

See you soon!